Alfalfa Seed
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Alfalfa Seed

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Achieve solid yield potential and exceptional winterhardiness in shorter growing season environments.


Delivers superior cold tolerance even under harsh weather conditions

Rapid Regrowth

Potential high yields and long stand life

WL Alfalfa

With WL Alfalfa seed varieties you can grow your confidence season after season with their proven alfalfa seed. W-L Alfalfas® has increased yields and improved forage quality for more than half a century. The WL lineup of conventional, Roundup Ready® and HarvXtra® Alfalfa with Roundup Ready technology can make a difference in your fields.

S&W Alfalfa

S&W alfalfa seed varieties specialty is high-yield alfalfa varieties with a wide range of adaptation across many growing environments. The non-dormant breeding program is focused on maximizing yield regardless of soil and water salinity. The dormant alfalfa breeding emphasizes high yield and forage quality, developing hardy alfalfa varieties with plenty of resistance to disease and stress.

Alfalfa Seed
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