AF 36 Prevail
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For Pistachio, Almond, Fig Trees

AF 36 Prevail

Arizona Cotton Council
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Aflatoxins are carcinogenic poisons produced by some strains of the common fungus (Aspergillus flavus) that contaminate crops throughout the world. AF36 Prevail, created by the Arizona Cotton Council, has established itself as an effective tool in managing aflatoxins by using a native strain of the fungus that naturally does not produce aflatoxins.

Displaces Aflatoxin Producers

AF36 competitively displaces other fungi that do produce aflatoxin, resulting in greatly reduced production of the harmful toxin.

Expanded boundary

It has been observed that AF36 treatments extend beyond the treated crop and may provide beneficial displacement in adjacent orchards

When to Apply

• When night time temperatures are 70 degrees or higher

• Normally apply min-June through mid-July

• Apply 3 days prior to scheduled irrigation or anticipated precipitation

How to Apply

• Apply a 1'-1.5' band of AF36 Prevail on top of tree row border where soil gets most irrigation

• Apply 10 lbs/planted acre

AF 36 Prevail
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